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CALTEX Delo Gold Ultra 15W-40

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Delo® Gold Ultra is a high performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of engines requiring API CI-4 or ACEA E7 performance lubricants, including those fitted Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and / or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) emission control technologies.

Delo® Gold Ultra is formulated with ISOSYN® Technology to provide exceptional soot dispersancy, deposit control and wear protection.


Reduces maintenance costs
ISOSYN® Technology, including a combination of high performance hydrocracked base fluids and carefully balanced metallic detergent and ashless dispersant additive system, provides excellent overall engine cleanliness in all service conditions. ISOSYN® Technology also confers the high degree of soot dispersancy required to maintain oil drain intervals in modern engine designs. Highly effective oxidation stability protects against the formation of gums and varnish at elevated temperatures.

Prolongs engine life
High efficiency dispersant combination plus proven metallo-organic anti-wear additive system provides excellent protection against wear of critically loaded components under all operating conditions. Multigrade viscosity provides additional protection against wear at start-up and under high temperature operating conditions.

Preserves full power and performance
Outstanding metallic detergent additive system preserves full power and performance by providing excellent upper-ring-belt deposit control under the high temperatures encountered in turbocharged diesel engines.

Extends oil and filter service intervals
Highly effective antioxidant system inhibits the formation of sludge forming materials which can lead to premature oil thickening and filter plugging. Very effective dispersant system further assists by keeping insoluble contaminants finely suspended in the oil, minimizing their ability to block oil filters.


    • Mixed fleets of diesel engines (high speed, four-stroke, turbocharged or naturally
    • Four-stroke gasoline engines in mixed fleets of diesel and gasoline engines
    • Commercial road transport
    • Off-highway vehicles and plant
    • Agricultural tractors and farm machinery
    • High speed diesel engines in marine service (e.g., fishing boat, river transport)
    • Generator sets
    • Mobile hydraulic systems (where oil type and viscosity are appropriate)



For vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Delo 400 LE or Delo XLE Multigrade should be selected in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The use of these low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) products will maximize intervals between filter cleaning.

While modest by typical heavy duty diesel standards, Delo Gold Ultra has a level of phosphorus higher than permitted by certain recent standards for passenger car motor oils, e.g. ILSAC GF-5, and the ACEA “C” standards. Optimum life of catalytic emission control systems will be achieved by using oils of the performance standard recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

This product is not recommended for motorcycle engines.


210L, 1L Can, 3L, 5L Can, 20L

Engine Oil Viscosity Grades



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