Shopping for the right part for your car can be quite a stressful job, especially when every place you go to does not have the exact thing you are after. So far, every petrol head and automotive enthusiast has had to go through this rigorous deal.

That is until Greasemonkey.lk, Sri Lanka’s biggest online platform for automobile products, parts and services!

Greasemonkey.lk does away with the hassle of having to go from shop to shop looking for the perfect part and price by giving customers the ability to compare prices and products at their very fingertips! Greasemonkey.lk also provides unbelievable deals and after-sales services as well as product warranties to ensure you and your vehicle are well-taken care of.

At Greasemonkey.lk, value for money is important, which is why customers can choose from a wide variety of premium internationally-recognized brands and top-quality products at competitive prices. Whatever you choose, you can expect nothing but the best and all delivered to your doorstep in just 01 – 03 days!

Greasemonkey.lk also provides a bespoke service called “Mechanic at your Doorstep”. Simply put, you can arrange for a qualified and well-trained mechanical expert to bring your parts to your doorstep and install them on your vehicle! You can even arrange for the products to be delivered and put on your vehicle at service points located in and around Colombo.

So don’t wait! Get busy and start shopping with Greasemonkey.lk, the “Closest companion for all Auto needs”!

Our Vision

“At Greasemonkey.lk, we intend to provide our valued customers with the best online shopping experience for automotive products and services from beginning to end. By presenting a trusted and convenient platform for our customers and suppliers alike, Greasemonkey.lk aims to become the number one automotive eCommerce website in Sri Lanka”

Our Mission

“Greasemonkey.lk is devoted to the mission of satisfying our customers with a high-quality trusted service (both suppliers and consumers). That is why we are dedicated to providing automotive products and services of such quality that our customers will receive superior value. With our consistent and expanding product range we wish to provide a smart, user-friendly website with clear and secure payment methods, and fast, quality delivery; that allows consumers to buy everything under one roof”

Our Values




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