How to drive a tiptronic geared vehicle

Are you bored of driving auto gears? Sick of driving manual gears? What will you say if both these options come in one? This is where tiptronic gears come into play where you are able to use manual and auto gears in the same vehicle you drive.

Tiptronic gear system was first introduced to the world by Porsche. Tiptronic system gives you the pleasure of changing from auto gear system to manual while driving your vehicle with ease. Basically while driving on auto gears you can use the same gear lever or another lever to switch to tiptronic mode and drive shifting manual gears. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep changing gears like in a normal manual geared vehicle. Rather it is more comfortable and easy to change as you are using the same auto gear lever to shift to manual gears. This is done by shifting the gear lever upshift or downshift to different gears manually. If the gears come on the steering wheel then you can press the upshift or downshift button to change gears together with paddle shifters.

How to manoeuvre the upshift and downshift buttons? The (+) sign represents upshift and (-) sign symbolises downshift. When you push the gear lever once to (+) or (-) signs, the gear will change and the lever will return back to the centre. Then you are able to shift to next gear the same way. According to this method you can upshift or downshift the gears and drive your vehicle. If the gears are on the steering wheel then you need to press the (+) or (-) sign buttons to uplift or downshift gears while driving. Since the tiptronic system vehicles come with an auto clutch you are saved the trouble of using a foot clutch.

The tiptronic gear system is manufactured in different methods by different vehicle companies. This is to create convenience in using them when driving. One of the best systems is used by Audi where in case if you don’t upshift or downshift manually when approaching the speed limit zone of gears, it will automatically shift to next gear depending on the speed pick up or speed drop. This method prevents the vehicle engine exceeding the speed limit required for each gear plus prevention of sudden engine stall and avoidance of causing too much pressure to the engine. Sports mode tiptronic system is another fantastic method that gives you a fulfilling sporty ride in your vehicle. What you need to keep in mind when driving a tiptronic is that you need to be conscious and skilled in monitoring the engine speed and when to give the clutch and shift gears. Tiptronic is a registered trademark belonging to a company that comes from the original technology used which is called Manumatic.

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