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Caltex Delo® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 (500579)

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Delo® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 is a high performance, multigrade, diesel engine oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of sports utility, sports activity, pick-up and 4×4 type vehicles, especially the latest models with common-rail fuel injection system-equipped engines, where heavy duty type motor oils (HDMOs) are preferred.

Delo® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 is suitable where performance requirements up to and including API CI-4 are called for.

Delo® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 is formulated from high performance hydrocracked base oils combined with selected synthetic base fluids.


Prolongs engine life
Very high oxidation stability combined with excellent dispersancy and anti-wear characteristics minimize deposit formation and wear, extending engine life. Control of soot related wear is especially important in SUV type diesel engines subject to stop/start city driving or in hard working off-road service. Multigrade viscosity provides additional protection against wear at start-up and under high temperature operating conditions. Provides 61% more protection to camshaft against wear* and 28% better control on piston deposits**.
Preserves full power and performance
High performance combination of synthetic blend base fluid and outstanding metallic detergent additive system preserves full power and performance by providing excellent upper-ring-belt deposit control under the high temperatures encountered in turbocharged diesel engines.
Reduces operating costs
Exceptional wear control demonstrated in the Japanese JASO DH-1 wear tests translates into improved engine durability and reduced maintenance costs.
Reduces oil consumption
Synthetic blend base fluid and highly shear-stable viscosity index improvers provide superior control of oil flow through the ring belt area by maintaining oil viscosity, and reduce oil evaporation at the elevated ring zone temperatures experienced under high temperature on or off-road conditions.
Preserves fuel efficiency
Optimized and highly stable viscosity characteristics ensure preservation of fuel economy in modern engines that are designed to take full advantage of lower viscosity oils. Provides up to 1.3% fuel economy savings***.


  • Light-duty diesel engines fitted with common rail fuel injection systems where HDMO type oils of API CI-4 or lower performance are required.
  • Diesel-engined sports utility and sports activity recreational vehicles where HDMO type oils of API CI-4 or lower performance are required.
  • Diesel-engined high performance pick-up and 4×4 type vehicles where HDMO type oils of API CI-4 or lower performance are required.
  • Other diesel powered passenger car and light commercial vehicles where HDMO type oils of API CI-4 or lower performance are required.


Light-duty diesel engines, as used in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and sport-utility vehicles vary in their lubricant requirements. Typically the requirement is for engine oils that have been designed expressly for light-duty diesel engines, and which meet one of the major light-duty diesel engine oil specifications, such as ACEA A3/B4, the ACEA C-series Sequences, and JASO DL-1. These specifications require performance characteristics that are somewhat different to those customarily associated with heavy-duty engine oils (HDMOs). For such engines, an appropriate oil selection may be made from the Havoline®Fully Synthetic and Havoline®Synthetic Blend range of products.

Nevertheless there are some light-duty diesel engines, particularly those from Asian builders, for which HDMOs that meet a current or recent API C-series category are either required or acceptable. The Delo® Sports series is intended for use in such engines.

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