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Caltex Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor Red Pre-Mixed Coolant (510180)

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Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor is a water based, low toxicity, environmentally friendly, nitrite free carboxylate inhibitor concentrate


  • Corrosion Protection — Corrosion protection for engine metals, including aluminum, iron, copper and solder alloys.
  • Wide Service Application — Recommended as a coolant for all types of gasoline engine cooling systems where freeze protection is not required.
  • Long service life — The corrosion inhibitors in Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor contain a synergistic combination of mono and di-carboxylates that provides superior protection for a minimum of 250,000 km or 45 years in on-road gasoline engine applications.
  • Compatibility — Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor is a super concentrate and should be diluted to 5.5%- 10% with good quality water before use. Compatible with glycol-based engine coolants but further dilution of Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor – Concentrate by more than 25% with other corrosion inhibitor technologies will reduce the effectiveness of this product.
  • Heat Transfer — Silicate and phosphate free formulation does not contribute to deposit build up, as can be seen with phosphate and silicate containing coolants, which can help maintain heat transfer efficiency.
  • Improved economics — No regular inhibitor additions and longer service life means lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Excellent toxicological and environmental aspects — Based on low toxicity inhibitors these products are readily biodegradable. The extended service life characteristic of this product contributes to the protection of the environment due to less frequent fluid disposal.
  • Easy Testing — Inhibitor concentration testing can be easily done using a brix refractometer.


  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor provides long life corrosion protection by using optimized and patented aliphatic carboxylate organic inhibitors that provide long lasting protection for cooling system metals and components including hard to protect aluminum.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor helps maintain excellent heat transfer since it does not contain silicates and phosphates which can over time create deposits on heat transfer surfaces.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor comes in a super concentrate and should be diluted to 5.5% – 10% with good quality water before use.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor exhibits low depletion rates and does not require the addition of supplemental coolant additives with correct maintenance practices. Dilution of Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor – Concentrate by more than 25% will reduce inhibitor performance.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor protects against erosion, corrosion and cavitation of cooling system components.


Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor is recommended for use in OEM equipment recommending a nitrite free, water based carboxylate based corrosion inhibitor.


Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor has a shelf life of 1 year as purchased and a service life of at least 4 years with correct maintenance practices. This product is water based and will freeze. It is recommended that this product should be stored where it will not freeze. This product is not combustible. It should be agitated before use.


Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor – Concentrate

Technical Characteristics Method Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor – Concentrate
Inhibitor content 32% w/w
Water content ASTM D1123 68% w/w
Nitrite, amine, phosphate, Nil
borate, silicate
Color Clear
Specific gravity, 20°C ASTM D1122 1.06 typ.
pH ASTM D1287 8.3 typ.
Storage stability > 4 years
Method 5 % dilution
pH ASTM D1287 8.1 typ.
Foaming properties at 25°C ASTM D1881 10ml typ.
• Break Time 1 sec. typ.
Effect on non-metals GME 60 255 no effect
Hard water stability VW PV 1426 no precipitate


Table 1 : Modified ASTM D1384 Glassware Corrosion Tests – 300 ppm chloride

ASTM D1384 5% Havoline® Xtended Life
Inhibitor – Weight
loss in mg/coupon 1
Copper 10 max 0.6
Solder 30 max 4.5
Brass 10 max 0.6
Steel 10 max 0.0
Cast Iron 10 max 0.7
Aluminum 30 max 9.8
AlMn / 4.8


Table 2: Modified MTU High Temperature Corrosion est (2000 W)

Weight loss in mg/coupon 2
test 5% Havoline Xtended 5% Havoline Xtended Life
duration 116 hrs Life Inhibitor Inhibitor in FVV-water
in D9 water hot coupon
hot coupon
Cast Iron -1.3 -9.0
Aluminum 9.3 -16.4
SAE 329
Aluminum 1.8 40.7
AlMg Si1
  • Weight loss AFTER chemical cleaning. All weight losses are in mg/coupon. Weight gain is indicated by a “-” sign.
  • Weight loss AFTER chemical cleaning. All weight losses are in mg/coupon. Weight gain is indicated by a “-” sign.


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