Caltex Techron® Concentrate Plus 355ml (510722)

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Keeping it cleaner makes the drive better

Techron® Concentrate Plus is a premium fuel additive that deep cleans your gasoline fuel system in one tankful.

Using Precision CleanTM technology, this fuel additive works at molecular levels to soften the deposits found in critical parts of the car’s engine system and suspend them in fuel. These deposits are then carried through to the combustion chamber to be burnt and ejected in the exhaust.

With more than 30 years of research and development, one little bottle of this advanced fuel additive can help restore and maintain your engine performance.

Why use Techron® Concentrate Plus?

Your driving performance and fuel economy are compromised when grimy deposits build up in an engine’s fuel system. This fuel system cleaner is specially created for:

  • Drivers who occasionally use low-quality fuel
  • Owners of cars with an unknown fuel usage history
  • Cars that experience the frequent start-stop of urban driving

If you are an urban driver or the owner of a used car, the benefits of using Techron Concentrate Plus will get you to a clean start.

Benefits of using can help:

  • Restore lost power and performance
  • Better pick-up and acceleration
  • Reduce knock sounds
  • Maximize fuel economy
  • Clean and protect against sulfur compounds that can harm fuel gauge sensors.
  • Clean deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers, which in turn can:
    • Restore lost acceleration
    • Restore lost fuel economy
    • Lower harmful exhaust emissions
    • Relieve cold start problems
    • Reduce deposit-related knock and ping

Results after one full tank treatment of Techron Concentrate Plus:

How to use in just 3 easy steps!

Purchase Techron Concentrate Plus at your nearest Caltex station and start restoring your engine performance today.

Note: *One bottle of Techron® Concentrate Plus is 355ml and best used in Gasoline/ Petrol cars of up to 45L. For larger tanks (more than 45L), a second bottle treatment may be required to gain full benefits.
For best results, use every 5,000km or at every oil change.


  • Spark ignition four-stroke engines fueled with gasoline, ethanol, and gasoline/ethanol blends in passenger cars, vans, and light trucks
  • Gasoline hybrid vehicles
  • Four-stroke outboard motors
    Techron Concentrate Plus can be used every 5000 kilometers.
    Will not harm catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.


PRODUCED BY: Chevron Lubricants


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