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Caltex Havoline Supermatic 4T SAE 20W-40 1L (500718)

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Havoline®SuperMatic 4T is a premium performance, shearstable, multigrade, four-stroke scooter engine oil,suitable for use where JASO MB, API SL lubricants are required, including high specific output engines operating in severe service.


Smoother Ride
Highly effective friction modifier reduces engine friction to ensure minimum power loss, which in turn can mean reduced fuel consumption or improved power release and acceleration.
Longer Drain Interval
High performance formula provides excellent engine cleanliness in all service conditions. It also maintains performance throughout the full oil drain intervals as recommended by OEMs in modern scooter designs.
Engine Durability
Anti-wear additive system reduces wear of highly stressed engine components under severe operating conditions.
Good all-temperature protection
Highly shear stable viscosity index improver additive minimizes shear-thinning and
resists breakdown under the high stresses which occur at high rotational speeds, to provide the correct oil viscosity for protection at both start-up and during high temperature operation.


  • Latest generation, four-stroke scooter engines
  • Air and liquid-cooled four-stroke scooter engines
  • Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance scooters
  • Scooters fitted with exhaust catalytic converters


JASO MB oils as a class have relatively low friction, typically achieved through the inclusion of friction modifiers. This low friction assists is maximizing scooter engine performance, the reduction in engine friction allowing either improved fuel economy or higher performance, usually realized as better acceleration.

However, this low friction makes JASO MB oils generally unsuitable for use in motorcycles with oil-immersed clutches, which require higher friction fluids.Thus Havoline® SuperMatic 4T is recommended for use only in those scooters in which the engine is independently lubricated. This includes the majority of modern types, which are fitted with belt-type continuously variable automatic transmissions.

For modern motorcycles requiring multifunctional fluids, Havoline® Super 4T is recommended.




Engine Oil Viscosity Grades



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