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MAK DZL Zenith

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MAK DZL ZENITH, premium semi-synthetic diesel engine oil is formulated with latest additive technology exclusive for Diesel Passenger cars, Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs) and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

This oil is designed to meet specific requirement of advanced engine technologies (such as CRDI/Quadrajet engines) used in passenger cars as against conventional IDI/DI engine technology used in diesel engines in truck/buses

It is proven for 2% Fuel Economy under test condition.


Higher Engine Power – This semi-synthetic oil has excellent viscosity retention capability which offers increased power and exceptional driving experience.

Better Fuel Economy – This oil is formulated with unique additive technology exclusive for diesel passenger cars, SUVs and MUVs which provides better fuel economy benefit without any compromise in engine durability.

Engine Durability – Superior anti-wear characteristic of this oil provides year round protection to engine parts against wear and tear under severe operating conditions.

Engine Cleanliness – This oil possesses the unique combination of Detergent-Dispersant- Antioxidant additives which provides good oxidative and thermal stability. It reduces engine piston deposit and thus keeps engine parts clean


Recommended for use in all Diesel Passenger cars, Sports Utility vehicles (SUVs) and Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs).


API CI – 4, SAE 10W-30


  • Indoor Storage is always preferable.
  • Barrels should be kept horizontally with bung position at 3 O’clock 9 O’clock position.
  • Barrels should be kept away from dusty or heated areas.
  • During handling any contact with dust must be avoided.


Characteristics ASTM MAK DZL ZENITH 10W30
Appearance Clear & Bright
Density @15°C, gm/ml D1298 0.860
K.V at 100° C, cSt D445 11.10
Copper Corrosion @ 100° C for 3 hrs D130
Flash Point, (COC), °C D92 230
Viscosity Index D2270 137
Pour Point, °C D97 -27


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