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Pyroil Fuel Cleaner Carburator/ Injector 354ML

LKR  471.00

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  • Pyroil™ Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner contains detergents designed to remove deposits that plug injectors, while also dissolving gum and varnish in carburetors, in turn restoring power, performance and fuel economy. This multi-purpose cleaner helps to clean fuel systems, fights line freeze and prevents corrosion in the fuel system.
  • Helps improve acceleration, power & performance
  • Cleans fuel injectors & carburetors
  • Eliminates rough idle & hesitation caused by deposits
  • Removes moisture from fuel system
  • Helps save gas by keeping fuel injectors clean
  • Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Can be used with gasoline, gasohol & E-85


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