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Terms of Sales

1.1. Online Orders

Customers can purchase goods and print vouchers for services (hereinafter sometimes called “Vouchers”) online from Greasemonkey.lk website or websites associated with Greasemonkey.lk. Vouchers once fully paid for and printed from Greasemonkey.lk website has to be redeemed for services at the respective supplier (hereinafter called “Merchant”) as specified on the terms of sale. Goods and services can be purchased online at a discounted price as per terms of the sale on Greasemonkey.lk website.

Sole responsibility of supplying goods for online orders and providing services for vouchers purchased on Greasemonky.lk will be with the Merchant.

Customer is required to have an Account created and activated to enable purchase of goods and vouchers on Greasemonky.lk website. Customer account will enable customer to order goods online, print vouchers, view past records of transactions and modify preferences of the customer.

             1.1.1 Voucher Sales
  1. Voucher sales can be paid in full prior to voucher printing or choose cash on delivery (COD) option to arrange the nearest service point to get the ordered product or service through our merchant. Payments can be made via cash / card.

  2. Neither Greasemonky.lk nor the Merchant is responsible for lost or stolen vouchers whilst the same is in the custody of the Customer

  3. The Voucher is issued with the strict understanding that its value can be redeemed only for purchase of the services provided by the Merchant as per terms of sale and vouchers cannot be encashed, exchanged or redeemed for any other purpose.

    1.1.2 Goods Sales
  1. Orders for goods may be paid online or customer may select Cash on Delivery (COD) option as the method of payment.

  2. Goods will be delivered only within the delivery areas specified in the terms of sales.

  3. Goods will be only delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer during the order process.

  4. All orders placed online on Cash on Delivery (COD) basis should have the confirmation from Greasemonkey.lk. A staff member from our Customer Service Division will contact the customer to confirm the order. Subsequent to customer confirmation of the COD orders, orders cannot be cancelled or payment cannot be refused on delivery.

  5. A delivery charge will be applied to all deliveries made to customer address unless free delivery is specified in terms of sales.

  6. All orders are subject to availability of stocks at the Merchant. Failure to supply due to unavailability of stock at the merchant will be informed by Greasemonky.lk to the customer within 5 working days from the date of order confirmation. Payments received by Greasemonky.lk for the cancelled orders due to stock unavailability will be refunded within 5 working days of date of cancellation.

1.2. Contents

The users of the website are prohibited to make any changes, remove or alter its contents and copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property notices on the original location and on any material extracted or printed off the website. Copy and use of any materiel off the website for commercial purposes is prohibited. Greasemonky.lk has the right to remove and change website content without any prior notice and users are requested to visit the website for periodic reviews.

1.3. Cancellation of Orders

Greasemonkey.lk has the right to cancel any order at any time before or after confirmation of the order due to any type of error whereby goods, price or description of same are listed on the site inaccurately. In the event of a cancelation due to error, customer will be informed within working days of purchase. Any payments received will be refund within 5 working days of cancellation of the order. The customer can cancel any order during the processing period. After the order is complete and vouchers are confirmed, orders cannot be cancelled.

1.4. External Links

Greasemonkey.lk does not accept any responsibility for the content of any external links provided within the website. Please refer to terms and conditions of the website with regards to terms of use of such external websites. Any links to Greasemonkey.lk website and its content must have prior written permission from Greasemonkey.lk.

1.5. Warranties

Within the warranty period on receiving a complaint on a fault or a defect from the customer, the merchant will ensure to get the product examined by a team of competent person appointed by the merchant to examine the product to verify the nature of the defect or fault before repair or replacement is made.

1.6. Club Membership

Greasemonkey.lk users need to be over the age of 18 and within the intended demographic target of the website. Only one account will be allowed per user and breach of website conditions will result in account termination and user will be banned from further account registration. Greasemonkey.lk members will receive promotional offers on occasion. Any user that receives rewards such as prizes, credit, gift cards, coupons, or any other benefits by the means of multiple accounts/email addresses, falsified information or fraudulent activities will result in forfeiture of such rewards and may be liable for civil and/or criminal legal penalties.

By using the Greasemonkey.lk website, users acknowledge that they are of legal age to form a binding contract and are not barred from receiving services under the laws of Sri Lanka or other applicable jurisdiction. User agrees to provide true and accurate information about them when requested on Greasemonkey.lk. In case of inaccurate, incomplete or falsified information is provided at registration, Greasemonkey.lk has the right to suspend or terminate such accounts and refuse future use of Greasemonkey.lk services. Confidentiality of the user account and password is the responsibility of the user and user will be responsible for all activities carried out using a registered website account.

Website Referral Credits and Rewards Programs and all associated benefits are offered at the discretion of Greasemonkey.lk. Greasemonkey.lk reserves the right to discontinue or change, temporarily or permanently, the services offered, including the reward point levels, in whole or in part for any reason, at its sole discretion, with or without prior notice to its members. Greasemonkey.lk may, among other things, withdraw, limit, or modify; increase and decrease the credits required for any Special Offer related to the Referral Credits and Rewards Programs. By registering as a member of Greasemonkey.lk website, users agree that the Greasemonkey.lk Referral Credits and Rewards Programs will not make the user and/or any third-party liable for any modification or discontinuation of such Programs.

2.0. General Conditions

The Terms and conditions laid down herein are considered as having been agreed by Greasemonkey.lk and the user of the website, as applicable to all matters in relation to business transactions conducted through the website and further both parties shall not be liable to abide by any other condition and any other legislation other than what is declared herein. Unless otherwise specifically stated, these Website terms and conditions take the place of all prior commitments, undertakings or representations agreed in writing or orally between the user and Greasemonkey.lk in relation to use of the Greasemonkey.lk website.

Greasemonkey.lk reserves the right to at any time modify any applicable terms and conditions, policies or notices. Users acknowledge that by visiting the Website periodically, shall be bound to the current version of the relevant terms and conditions and, unless stated in the current version of terms and conditions, all previous versions of terms and conditions shall be superseded by the current version of terms and conditions. Responsible for reviewing the current version of terms and conditions is with the user on each visit to the Website.

When a user is using a specific section or a module of the website, specific policies or notices which are relevant to the particular section or module of the website user is using will prevail whenever there is any conflict or contradiction appears between the provisions of website terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions, policies or notices specified in other section or module of the website.

No indulgence or extension of time which either user or Greasemonkey.lk may grant to the other will constitute a waiver of or, whether by law or otherwise, limit any of the existing or future rights of the guarantor in terms hereof, save in the event or to the extent that the guarantor has signed a written document expressly waiving or limiting such rights.

Greasemonkey.lk reserves the right to cede, assign and delegate all or any of its rights and responsibilities in terms of any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices to any external party.

Any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices, in spite of the way they are grouped together or linked grammatically are severable from each other. Any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices which may become unenforceable in any jurisdiction, whether due to void, invalidity, illegality, unlawfulness or for any reason, only and only to the extent that it is so unenforceable, shell be treated as pro non-script and the remaining terms and conditions, policies and notices which are relevant will remain in full force and effect.

Any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices shall be governed by and construed in accordance with applicable Sri Lankan legislation without giving effect to any principles of conflict of law. User hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of law of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in respect of any disputes arising in connection with Greasemonkey.lk, or any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or any matter related to or in connection therewith.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns with regards to the Website, the privacy policy or any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or the way in which Greasemonkey.lk handling personal information of the users, please contact us.

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