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Buying a used car in Sri Lanka can be complicated, but with


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Greasemonkey is a trusted certified car inspection service in Sri Lanka powered by John Keells X with us you're in safe hands. Bad cars are everywhere. Previously wrecked cars, flood cars, unseen mechanical issues, odometer rollbacks, and salvage cars. DON’T BE A VICTIM, you have the right to request a used car inspection in Sri Lanka before you buy it. Call 0704440007

  • On Site Vehicle Inspection in Sri Lanka - 250+ checkpoints inspected by our certified mobile mechanics at car sellers location.
  • Top Rated Mobile Mechanics - Certified mobile mechanics with NVQ level 4 / 5 qualification.
  • Coverage - Any vehicle that is located in Western Province, North Western, Central Province, Southern Province can be inspected.
  • Trusted Condition Reports - Unbiased vehicle inspection report with an automated points system. (Images, videos & scan report included)
  • Competitive Pricing - Our prices are very competitive than the local car agents.
  • Convenience - Even if you are living outside Western Province now you have the chance to get an inspection from our mechanics without having to come physically.
  • Repair Estimate - After inspection you can request for a detailed estimate for any repairs of the vehicle.

Inspection Overview

What Greasemonkey Inspects

Vehicle History
Test Drive
Vehicle Interior
Vehicle Exterior
Vehicle Diagnostics (Scanning)
Underhood (Engine)
Underbody (Chassis, Suspesion)
Hybrid Condition

Frequently Asked Questions


We understand the need to be financially wise in today’s economy. The best solution for your budget is often buying a used vehicle. One of the downsides to buying a used car, however, is not knowing its history in detail. Pre-purchase reports like these are helpful, as they list the service history of the vehicle and can tell you whether proper preventative maintenance has been taken.


Anyone who is planning to purchase a reconditioned or a used vehicle


Greasemonkey pre-purchase inspection covers over 200 checkpoints which includes a road test, interior, exterior condition, vehicle diagnosis scan, engine condition, suspensions, hybrid condition, under hood & under body.


We cover Western Province, North Western Province,
Central Province & Southern Province.


Through website
or calling Greasemonkey helpline – 070 444 0007


Not necessarily. The buyer can fix the time with the seller and share the details with Greasemonkey team. Then the technician can go to the location and do the inspection. Once the inspection is done the company will share the report with the buyer. This also allows a customer who lives out of Western Province to get an idea of a vehicle which is in Colombo & Suburbs without having to come physically.


All Greasemonkey technicians have over 10 years’ industry experience, both locally and internationally. Also they are NVQ level 4/5 qualified


The buyer has the opportunity to request an estimate from Greasemonkey, if any repairs to be done for the inspected vehicle. This will be a detailed estimate with cost of the spare parts and the mechanical fee. With this estimate value buyer has the advantage to negotiate the prices with the seller.

On-site Vehicle Car Inspection in Sri Lanka

Looking for on-site vehicle inspection in Sri Lanka? If you consider yourself a car fanatic or a petrol head, you’ve probably heard of the name Greasemonkey at least a couple of times. Over the years, Greasemonkey has certainly become the best online shopping experience for automotive products and services in the island.

Greasemonkey is gradually making its way to becoming the number one automotive ecommerce website in Sri Lanka. They offer a range of services and products on their website and make it as easy as a couple of clicks on your computer to order a spare part for your vehicle or buy your favorite car cleaning products.

Aside from high quality products at competitive prices, the site also offers bespoke services such as the ‘Mechanic At Your Doorstep’ which is mobile car repair in Colombo. There are tons of other services that they offer but the latest addition to their plethora of services is the pre-purchase car inspection service in Sri Lanka.

The pre purchase inspection service helps you to find a certified technician to carry out an inspection at any location at your fingertips without any hassle. Often times, before purchasing a repurposed vehicle, an inspection is absolutely necessary so if you’re ever in a situation as the above mentioned, you know whom to call to come to your rescue.

Currently, Greasemonkey offers its car inspection services in Sri Lanka within a radius of fifty kilometers from Colombo so even if you’re live out of this radius, you can still get an evaluation of the condition of the vehicle without having to be at the inspection in person. Just one call and you can send our expert technicians on their way to the location of the vehicle and have them report back to you without any trouble so you don’t want to visit any vehicle scanning place in Sri Lanka. Once the inspection has been conducted, Greasemonkey will give the vehicle an overall rating as well as a recommendation.

During this detailed inspection, the experts will gather information such as the owner’s information, vehicle information, vehicle history, road test, vehicle exterior, vehicle interior, vehicle diagnosis underhood and underbody conditions and the hybrid status of the vehicle.

If the inspection detects any problems and issues during the process, do not worry because Greasemonkey will offer a complete estimate of the cost to fix the detected issues.

If you find yourself reaching for inspection services more than the average person, Greasemonkey offers buyers and sellers packages that allow them to check multiple points of the vehicle in each package. Below are the price details.

Basic package LKR 6990

Standard package LKR 8990

Premium package LKR 11990

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