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Flamingo Super Oil Treatment – 443ml (F049)

LKR  1,100.00

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  • Contains the most latest advanced engine additive, includes super additive,  persistent lubricant and anti corrosion etc. It can improve the lubricating oil
  • viscosity coefficient, effectively prevent the direct inter-metal friction, reduce mechanical wear and tear and makes the engine achieve best protection.
  • It also insure the lubricating oil stable ,anti-aging, attenuation, neutralize acidity and anti-rust, makes bearings, valves, piston rings, cylinder wall have
  • good lubricity in any case. Its special lustration component  can prevent sludge cohesion and clean engine to achieve smooth, reduce mechanical
  • resistance then decrease the loss of fuel, reduce the cost the car using.



  1. Change engine oil and start the engine, let the engine reach normal temperature.
  2. Shut down engine then this product will be added to the new engine oil replacement, idle engine no less than 15 minutes.
  3. Add one can for 4-6 cylinder engine, 8-cylinder engines add more two cans.

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