Toyota Tonka 4X4 off road is the ultimate toy for big kids

Toyota has built a life-size toy.

The automaker’s Australian division has outfitted one of its pickups like a Tonka truck, complete with the toymaker’s iconic black and yellow livery.

The Hilux, which is roughly the size of a Tacoma, got a six-inch suspension lift, a set of relatively massive 35-inch tires and the wide fender flares needed to cover them.

It also features extreme off-road bumpers, rock rails, an underbody skid plate, bulging carbon fiber skinned hood, air intake snorkel and a super bright LED light pod mounted to the roof.

The cargo bay is outfitted with a custom tube frame rack that accommodates a spare tire, gas cans and recovery gear, while a lightweight tailgate incorporates a spoiler and vents said to improve airflow.

Unfortunately, you won’t get to play with one in the sand. While it does run, it’s a one-off project intended to promote the HiLux at events and celebrate the model claiming the title of best-selling vehicle in Australia last year, the first truck to do so.

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