SAKURA Isuzu Oil Filter

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  • Sakura Filter has more than 45 years experience in the filtration business
  • Sakura Filters deliver a balance of efficiency, life and flow for optimal quality engine filtration.
  • Sakura’sᅠdesign philosophy is to meet the vehicle manufacturers’ performance requirements
  • Deliver optimum engine protection and genuine performance quality
  • A superior performing oil filter must excel in ALL 3 critical areas to be deemed fit to do the job: Efficiency, Life and Flow
SAKU Isuzu Oil Filter

C-1502 ELF 150, 250 NKR 4JB1,M/ CANTER, ROSA, C-1503 FARGO WFR 51, 53, 4FC1 Eng TROOPER, C-1504 ISUZU NKR, MAZDA BONGO R2 BY- PASS, C-1506 FORWARD TURBO, 6BD1, 6BG1, 6SA1 Eng, C-1507 ELF 150, ELF 250, C-1511 ISUZU NHR 4JA1, 4JB1 Eng.,, C-1512-S ISUZU NKR 2.8, C-1513 FORWARD FSR 6HE1, 6HA1, 6HH1 Eng, C-1515 ELF 450, NQR 4HF1,4HF1-T, ATLAS, C-1523 ELF 250, 4BE1 Eng, NKR 4HG1, N/ ATLAS, C-1524 ISUZU FORWARD 6BG1,KOBELCO,BY PASS FILTER, C-1525 FARGO WFR 62, 4FG1 Eng BY PASS, C-15271 ISUZU D-MAX 4JJ1, C-1533 FORWARD FSR 6HE1, 6HA1 (SINGLE ELEMENT), C-1534 ELF 450, NQR 4HF1,4HF1-T, ATLAS 4HG1, C-1541 ELF 150, MAZDA TITAN TRUCK, C-1546 ELF 250, VHR 69, WKR 69, 4JG2, TROOPER, C-1550 FORWARD TURBO, 6BD1, 6BG1, 6SA1 Eng, C-1562 ELF 450, NQR 4HF1,4HF1-T, ATLAS ,HITACHI, EO-1501 ELF (NKS) ELF (NNR) 4JJ1, 4JJ1-T, N/ATLAS, O-1301 TXD TRUCK 6BD1, 6BB1, O-1308 ISUZU BUS 6QB2, LV 224K, 8PE1, 6RD2, O-1501 ELF 150, KAD 41,KAD51, C 190, O-1502 ELF 150, ELF 250 , JOURNEY, O-1503 ELF 350, JOURNEY, KS 22 WIDE, O-1505 TXD TRUCK, BUS, O-1508 JOURNEY K BUS, O-1511 ISUZU FORWARD FCR,FDR, O-1512 TRUCK 6QA2, 10PC1, TRUCK 6RB1, 8PC1, O-1514 ISUZU CV TRUCK 6QA1, O-1515 NHR 150, O-1516 ISUZU BUS 6QB2 LV224K, 8PE1, 6RD2, O-1519 FORWARD 6HE1, 6HH1, O-1521 GIGA 10PEI, BUS, O-1522 GIGA CX, CV, TRUCK CYG81, 10PE1, 6EF1-TC, O-1524 FORWARD 6HE1,6HH1


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